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There are Chords in the Hearts of the Most Reckless

Which cannot be Touched without Emotion~Poe

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The Shining
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Shae DeTar

Love this.
mirthful-crier: Can you tell me more about this Malazan Book? It looks like a very interesting read.


Ahh! lemme tell you it is very interesting! 

The Malazan Book of the Fallen is an epic, ten-part fantasy series written by Steven Erikson. The main, overarching storyline is about a war among gods (well, specifically, a war against an alien god pulled into our world against its will), but the books themselves have their own plots, and the narrative focuses mostly on the stories of the people (and there are so very many of them) who are swept up into this war. 

What i like the most about the series (apart from the magic system which is complicated as hell, just the way i like em) is the fact that it doesn’t spoonfeed exposition to the reader. When you first read Gardens of the Moon (the first book), you feel like you’ve been dropped into this vast, foreign world with a long, long history, history that’s there whether or not you know it (and at first you really, truly don’t), and you have to work hard to get started.

The same is true with the characters! Almost every one we meet (up to and including that guard at the door who’s gonna get killed in their next scene) is fully fleshed out, and you can feel that they are real and not just some cardboard cutout or stereotype.

Plus! A list of reasons why you should read the series is found here.

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The Rope.

There are forces in history that rise and fall, and the factors contributing to both are complex and varied to be sure. Others have made the observation that escapist literature thrives most when reality sucks. As for the proliferation of nihilist fiction, I would think that is but a lazy extension of what we have seen a lot of in film and television (the psychopathic, jaded, non-reactive hero who kills and kills and kills and doesn’t give a fuck beyond the memorable tag-line concluding the mayhem—yippee kay-ay). So, there on the screen, all the cool dudes with the craggy faces and the fawning women hanging off one arm. Nothing phases them. They sleep well at night (after the perfect sex with the perfect woman), and get up the next day, gun in hand, to do it all over again. Cynicism is cool, didn’t you know? It’s the mature way to be.

Fuck all that.

Well, see what happens when you get me started on this?

Steven Erikson, on the topic of nihilistic fiction and the nature of our world today in an interview for Tor.com 

My god, I think I’m in love. (via thewhitefeatherinthetar)

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It’s World Book Day!
So I’m telling everyone to go read these. Now. 
In the true tradition of the greats like Tolkien, Steven Erikson combines effortlessly complete world building with his unerring power to wholly and irrevocably break your heart. 
And you will never be more grateful for it.

I love this series. I’m on book 3 and obsessed!